Thirtieth Anniversary Virtual Special Issue Research Papers in Education

Research Papers in Education is in its 30th year of publication and to mark the anniversary we are delighted to present this virtual special issue containing 30 noteworthy papers published in the journal since its foundation. Some of the papers have been chosen by past and present members of the Editorial Board and others are a selection of some of the most downloaded papers in each volume.

The aim of Ted Wragg, founding editor of Research Papers in Education, was for the journal to publish good quality, rigorously conducted research in different modes and traditions, sometimes in longer papers than many research journals permit. This gives researchers the opportunity to present full accounts of their work, its rationale, findings and conclusions. We think that the contents of this on-line anniversary issue show that Research Papers in Education is not only a vital source of information for educational researchers, but also for educational policy-makers and planners.

Special Issues of Research Papers in Education on particular themes are regularly published and some of the papers in this anniversary issue are from Special Issues. A notable example is the paper ‘TLRP’s ten principles for effective pedagogy: rationale, development, evidence, argument and impact’ by Mary James and Andrew Pollard from a Special Issue (26.3) containing international responses to evidence from the UK’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme.

We are particularly grateful for the help we have received in compiling this anniversary issue from Sara Delamont, John Elliott, Patrick White, Tehmina Basit and Steve Strand.

Peter Preece and Debra Myhill
Editors, Research Papers in Education

Thirtieth Anniversary Virtual Special Issue