70th Anniversary Virtual Special Issue Journal of Vocational Education & Training

Journal of Vocational Education & Training

This special issue of the Journal of Vocational Education & Training (JVET) is a celebration of our seventieth anniversary. For seventy years since 1948 JVET and its predecessor publication, The Vocational Aspect of Education, have been publishing articles that have analysed every element of vocational education and training (VET). Each of the journal’s seven decades is represented in this issue by an article that has been selected because it is revealing of the time of its original publication. With little more than a change of font, however, some of these articles could have been published this year because their topic remains pertinent while others document a particular moment that has been left behind. Eclectic and intriguing, these articles together demonstrate the reach and relevance of VET as a field of study as well as the reach and relevance of the Journal itself. Policy, pedagogy, economics, history and philosophy are all present in this special celebration issue, as is the Journal’s persistently international perspective.

Read the full editorial by Associate Editor Kevin Orr, here.

Read the full introduction by Bill Bailey, here.