Routledge at ECER 2017

To support the #ECER2017 conference we’ve highlighted relevant journals for the EERA networks. They are either discipline oriented or focus on certain research themes within educational research. Currently there are 32 networks linked to the ECER main conference plus the Emerging Researchers’ Group (ERG).

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1. Continuing Professional Development: Learning for Individuals, Leaders, and Organisations

Keywords: teacher professional development; leadership development; school/organisation development; workplace cultures; mentors and mentoring; teacher leadership; teacher knowledge (implicit and explicit).

2. Vocational Education and Training (VETNET)

Keywords: VET-related policies; Comparisons of VET systems and cultures; Practice based learning in VET; learning designs in VET; New learning designs and new media in VET; Curricular innovations in VET.

5. Children and Youth at Risk and Urban Education

Keywords: Urban education; children, youth and schools at risk; preventing dropout and improving results for children and youth; inter-professional collaboration; partnerships in education; effective educational and youth policy.

7. Social Justice and Intercultural Education

Keywords: Social justice; Intercultural education; Identity development; (im)migration; Power relations; Voices of minorities and marginalized people; Contextualized educational research; Language and culture.

10. Teacher Education Research

Keywords: Initial teacher education; professional development; teacher induction; teacher qualification; pedagogical approaches; teacher educator identity; research capacity building.

11. Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance

Keywords: quality approaches; quality models; educational improvement; quality predictors; quality indicators; quality certification; quality of education impact; quality of educational systems; quality of educational institutions or entities; quality of educational processes.

12. LISnet - Library and Information Science Network

Keywords: library and information sciences; knowledge organisation; information literacy; scholarly communication; digital/virtual libraries.

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13. Philosophy of Education

Keywords: Ethical, political, aesthetic and epistemological dimensions of Educational Theory; philosophical issues connected to educational practice, educational policy, educational research; formal and informal education and upbringing; different philosophical, theoretical schools or cultural traditions. 

14. Communities, Families, and Schooling in Educational Research

Keywords: Rural schooling; urban schooling; place based and place conscious education; educational trajectories and transitions; school-family-community links; parental and familial involvement in schools.

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15. Research on Partnerships in Education

Keywords: Partnership; collaborative work; cooperation; collaborative practitioner research; network experience.

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18. Research in Sport Pedagogy

Keywords: Sport; physical activity; pedagogy; sport policy; health and wellbeing; personal and social development; teachers and coaches.

19. Ethnography

Keywords: Ethnography; narrative; fieldwork; representation; observation; life-history; action research.

20. Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments

Keywords:  Innovative strategies for intercultural teaching and its learning; Intercultural discourses and the role of inclusive and intercultural education; Local identities and European citizenship.

22. Research in Higher Education

Keywords: academic work; employability; governance; higher education; learning; policy; teaching. 

23. Policy Studies and Politics of Education

Keywords: Critical social science; the politics of policy making in education; power relations and education; education policy and the politics of equity; education and the politics of inclusion; Europeanisation, globalisation and education; transformations in the governing of education; research policies and politics; knowledge-policy relationships; policies and the politics of educational knowledge. 

24. Mathematics Education Research

Keywords: Children’s learning of mathematics; Theoretical perspectives in mathematics education research; Mathematics teacher knowledge in/for teaching and teacher learning/professional development; Assessment in mathematics education; Affect in mathematics education; Technology and tools in mathematics education; Special educational needs in mathematics education; Mathematics curriculum; Comparative and international studies in mathematics education.

25. Research on Children's Rights in Education

Keywords: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; children’s rights; children as citizens; educational contexts and children’s rights; childhood and rights; children’s voice; children’s participation.

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27. Didactics - Learning and Teaching

Keywords: didactic research; applied research; comparative didactics; domain-specific or subject didactics; Joint Action Theory in Didactics; “Bildung” as teaching and as learning objective; didactic sense construction; learner development; educational experience; domain specific didactics.

29. Research on Arts Education

Keywords: Research on arts education; comparative and international studies on arts education; policies and curricula on arts education; arts based research; arts based pedagogy; philosophy of the arts and education; higher arts education; arts education history.

30. Environmental and Sustainability Education Research, ESER

Keywords: Environmental and sustainability education, environmental education, education for sustainable development, global education, outdoor education, and socio-scientific issues in science education, educational policy, institutional and curriculum development, pedagogical practice, professional development, and learner empowerment.

31. LEd – Network on Language and Education

Keywords: educational linguistics, literacy research, language acquisition, language assessment, second and foreign language research, multilingualism