Researching pedagogy and the pedagogy of research Teaching in Higher Education

Teaching in Higher Education

Co-editors: Professor Sally Bradley (Higher Education Academy and Sheffield Hallam University) and Dr Neil Harrison (Executive Editor for Teaching in Higher Education and University of the West of England)

Welcome to this virtual issue of Teaching in Higher Education.  We hope to offer you a range of stimulating articles linking research and teaching, including empirical, conceptual and review papers.  These articles will be free-to-access until 30/09/2018.

This virtual issue focuses on how pedagogy and research are inextricably interwoven in the activities of the contemporary university.  Many university teachers are engaged both in researching their own pedagogy practices and supporting the development of research skills in their students.  This collection of articles aims to provide critical insights into this nexus.

The audience for this virtual issue therefore includes any scholars, practitioners and researchers who engage in teaching and learning.  Scholarship is integral to the claim for Higher Education Academy Fellowships and the papers within this virtual issue will help candidates to evidence their ongoing professional development and engagement with relevant literature.  

In addition, it is intended to help to raise the profile of critical pedagogic research more generally, by highlighting some of the foundational debates and the latest syntheses of research evidence.  This should be useful to those seeking to increase their involvement in pedagogic research, perhaps with an eye to the Research Excellence Framework (in the UK) or similar levers in other countries around the world.

Research, teaching and pedagogic research

The relationship between teaching and research has been central to pedagogic debates for several decades and these articles form a mixture of older and more recent contributions:

The pedagogy of researcher development

These articles address key questions around how universities support doctoral candidates and other students to become effective researchers.

Reviewing the field

It is important that researchers should not 'reinvent the wheel' when undertaking pedagogic research and these articles comprise extended critical literature reviews. Necessarily eclectic, this collection is intended to act as a resource for both new and experienced researchers, pulling together a large corpus of prior research across enduring topics within the field.