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When we first took over as editors of the Curriculum Journal, some had described curriculum studies as being ‘in crisis’. We hope that our work has played a small part in what to us appears to be a rejuvenated field. There are perhaps three aspects of it that have occupied our minds most over our six years of work for the journal.

1. Understanding curriculum in relation to pedagogy and assessment, not only as a focus on its own.

2. The place of knowledge in contemporary national curricula.

3. The intersections between curriculum research, policy and practice.

We are proud to have contributed to the wider international appeal that is now part of what makes the Curriculum Journal so influential. We are grateful for the strong support we have had from our colleagues – as reviewers, members of the editorial board of the journal, and staff who are part of the British Educational Research Association (BERA). We are confident that under the new editorial team the journal’s influence will continue to grow.

Louise Hayward, Kay Livingston, Steve Higgins and Dominic Wyse

Curriculum Journal editors, 2013–2018