2017 Article of the Year Seminar Educational Review

Educational Review

Educational Review would like to invite you to their seminar event.

Every year, the editorial board of Educational Review selects an ‘article of the year’ – the article published in the journal during the year which offers the most original and significant contribution to our field of knowledge. And each year they invite the winner of the award to give a seminar at the University of Birmingham.

As last year's event was postponed, in June Educational Review will be hosting a double seminar featuring the 2014 & 2015 winners of the prize. Both winners addressed higher education in some form: the first focused on young people’s aspirations for HE, while the second concentrated specifically on recent changes in teacher education. In detail:

Seminar 1: Carol Fuller (University of Reading) – based on her article ‘Social capital and the role of trust in aspirations for higher education.’ Carol explores the role of social capital and trust and the ways that young people generate resources that promote a positive educational identity and, consequently, educational ambitions and goals.

Seminar 2: Margery McMahon and colleagues (University of Glasgow) – based on their article ‘Reshaping teacher education through the professional continuum’. Margery and her colleagues focus on shifts in the way that teacher education is conceptualized, designed and delivered.

The event is sponsored by Routledge, with a cash prize presented to each winner, and lunch for all who attend. The number of attendees is limited to 30.

The seminar event is on the morning of Tuesday 20th June, 10.30-1.00, with lunch at 1.00. If you would like to attend, please email the journal manager, Gemma Banks, including details of any dietary requirements, and we’ll book you in.