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  • MANIFEST (Maternal and Neonatal Implementation for Equitable Systems Study)
    A central ethos underpinning MANIFEST was the participatory manner in which it supported stakeholder engagement, local ownership and responsibility. As the papers in the special issue indicate, this was not without risks and unanticipated implementation outcomes. However, the learning and relationships generated form a critical basis for sustaining progress.
  • Gender and Health Inequalities: Intersections with other relevant axes of oppression
    Articles include The odd couple: using biomedical and intersectional approaches to address health inequities and A global comprehensive review of economic interventions to prevent intimate partner violence and HIV risk behaviours among others.
  • mHealth for Improved Access and Equity in Health Care
    With this special issue, we hope to reach out to those stakeholders that locally, regionally or nationally are in a position to influence the choice, implementation and scale-up of mHealth solutions in such a way that significant benefits arise for all users, to the betterment of health and the reduction of the health divide.
  • Bringing the indicators home: Country perspective on the utility of global estimates for health indicators (WHO)
    Very few non-specialists understand the differences between a modelled prediction or estimate and empirical statistics. It surely cannot be right that countries appear to serve as mere sources of the raw materials that go into global statistical models. What is needed is a distribution of resources that would enable countries to become equal partners in global efforts to improve our understanding of health and development at global, national and local levels.