Moving forward by looking back Journal of Promotion Management: innovations in planning and applied research

Journal of Promotion Management

A Celebration of Impactful JPM Articles and Directions for Advancing Promotion Management Research

As the platform through which marketers and consumers communicate about their adored brand evolves, inquiry on promotion management swells from the established contributions made by interested researchers. One could argue that the promotion element of marketing’s renown 4 Ps is grounded in a beautiful rendition of the placebo effect, where marketers inundate consumers with the message(s) they are ‘supposed to hear’ and eventually ‘supposed to believe’. When effective, such communicative efforts benefit the brand and its constituents, regardless of credibility or truth of the conveyed brand message. A question that has echoed throughout the archives of published promotion management-linked scientific pages then, is how to effectively communicate and promote the brand on a continuous basis. Whereas some science is understood once it is known, the evolution of marketing and its communication elements continue to change as time ticks. What worked strategically in the past for example, may not be relevant as tomorrow’s sun rises; yet, such strategies and existing data are paramount to advancing scientific understanding in the context of promotion management. Therefore, probing through tactics and results of yore to find a glimpse of what may generate desired consumer responses in the future is a value-laded worthwhile endeavor. This special issue offers such a peek.

The Journal of Promotion Management maintains contemporariness by publishing cutting edge research that closes the gap between future business needs and current business practices. In doing so, this special issue is a celebration of the past to help shape the future in promotion management research. Using number of citations and views as a surrogate of impact, the articles presented here provide the foundation of what has meaningfully contributed to the Journal of Promotion Management’s mission, while pointing towards topics worthy of investigation as the knowledge stream in our domain grows. Contexts such as social media (Shen & Bissell, 2013) and public relations (Papasolomou & Melanthiou, 2012) are included, as is the seminal framework of integrated marketing communications (Schultz, 1992). Other fruitful promotion settings like event marketing (Wood, 2009), sports marketing (Bissell & Duke, 2007), and cause-related marketing (Kim & Lee, 2009) are represented. Along with crisis response tactics (Coombs, 2006), the special issue contains inquiries on consumer behavior (Wang, Sun, & Song, 2011) and branding (Brennan & Babin, 2004). The Journal of Promotion Management is proud of its mission, place in extending marketing thought linked to promotion management schemas, and research it has published throughout the years. The articles in this special issue offer a spyglass of such knowledge extension. Enjoy.

Guest Editor

Jeremy J. Sierra, Texas State University