Virtual Special Issue: MNEs and Changing Consumer Behavior in China Journal of Global Marketing

Journal of Global Marketing

This Virtual Special Issue is focused on marketing issues in China. It is based on seven excellent articles published in the Journal of Global Marketing during 2013-2016. China, as a fast growing emerging country, receives increasing research scrutiny among academics. Since its Open Door policy in 1979, China has experienced tremendous changes such as explosive economic development, growing middle class, rising foreign investments, and strong consumer spending. The selected articles in this VSI show two research streams on marketing issues in China. One focuses on multinational enterprises (MNEs), and the other looks at the changing Chinese consumer behavior. For example, Arslan and Wang (2015) examine MNEs from four Nordic economies in China while Seaton and Tsalikis (2013) concentrate on MNCs operating in four coastal cities of China. On the other hand, Zhang, Knight and Tansuhaj (2014) target at China’s MNCs that export consumer and industrial products.  Since Chinese consumers especially generation-Y favor foreign brand name products, their attitude toward luxury brands including the counterfeiting products and their purchase behavior attract special attention of academics (Chan and Xia, 2015; Parker and Schaefer, 2014; Wang and Song, 2013). Emerging consumers in China constitute a critical source of marketing research because their values and behavior are shaping consumption trends. China as the largest emerging market, not only receives the foreign direct investment (FDI) from MNEs, but also expands its SMEs into international marketplace. Therefore, it is not surprising to find numerous studies focusing on MNEs and luxury brand consumption in China.

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Qin Sun - California State University, Northridge, USA
Ajay K. Manrai - University of Delaware, USA