Virtual Special Issue: Country of Origin Research Journal of Global Marketing

Journal of Global Marketing
We are pleased to publish online the first Virtual Special Issue, VSI, based on seven excellent papers published in the Journal of Global Marketing during 2013-2017. The theme of this VSI is on the Country-Of-Origin, COO, research, which investigates the impact of the product's origin on consumers and consumer choice behavior. Although highly explored in the past, the COO research area seems to continue to hold many unanswered questions and opportunities for future research. In a globalized world, customers are exposed to products originating from all over the world, including the countries in which they have either limited or no personal knowledge. Nevertheless, consumers hold – often strong – opinions on these foreign countries and formulate their purchase decisions on the product’s country of origin (COO), which is an extrinsic cue such as price or brand name. Consumers prefer products originating from countries with a favorable image and tend to avoid products from countries with a non-favorable image. These perceptions about specific countries, e.g. Germany, Italy, China, and the USA, are not uniform and vary depending on several dimensions such as the nationality or cultural affiliation of the customer, and the product category. For example, cars made in Germany may be perceived to be of high quality, while silk may be perceived to be superior if it originates from China. Similarly, British customers may feel differently about products originating from Germany and China than, say, Taiwanese customers. In this VSI on COO research, we have included seven recent articles from the Journal of Global Marketing that add significantly to the understanding of COO effects in very diverse cultural settings, using different methodological approaches.
Ajay K. Manrai
University of Delaware, USA
Thomas Aichner
Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia
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