Early Modern Women’s Writing The Seventeenth Century

The Seventeenth Century

From its foundation, The Seventeenth Century has strongly encouraged the study of the different roles that women played in the social, cultural, and literary life of the century, including a special issue devoted to Lucy Hutchinson (vol. 33:2, 2015), edited by David Norbrook. Following the previous Virtual Special Issue of a selection of articles on ‘Early Modern Women in Public and in Private’, we now offer, with free access, a new selection of 14 articles devoted to early modern women’s writing. Ten of these articles study individual women writers, while four articles of a more general nature cover a number of different women and their work. A second section, of ‘Supplementary Articles’, includes studies of a further seven women writers, and one more general survey, which have already featured in the previous Virtual Special Issue.

Supplementary Articles