Reflecting on over 20 years of Social Identities Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture

Social Identities
The Editorial team is very pleased to present these reflections on the mission of Social Identities from some of our valued International Editorial Board. We are impressed by the range and diversity of our contributions, and sincerely thank those members of our Board who took the time to offer their reflections. The collection begins with reflections from our Editors-in-Chief, Professors Ahluwalia and Miller. Professor Ahluwalia places our journal in context, taking snapshots of both it and the wider world over the last two decades and sketching some of the many debates for the future in these unsettling times. Professor Miller reflects on the journal’s resilience in a changing publishing environment and then, in the true spirit of the journal, draws attention to some particular aspects of migration, using Leicester as an example, whilst highlighting the less discussed community of Latin@s in Britain. Professor George Lipsitz brings his experience and wisdom to bear in his reflection on the ‘changing same’ struggle against white supremacy. Professor McKnight identifies new approaches to the very ideas of race and Black life in the US to define a new politics. Professor Gordon offers some valuable thoughts on the study of racism, offering different angles within the terrain of race theory. Professor Hintzen reminds us of the possibilities of transforming identities, set against the global capitalist system. Professor Laurence Thomas ponders the moment of trust and the human need to belong. Professor Cohen reminds us of the rich seam for social theory from the Caribbean. And Professor Roy Krovel reflects on the thread of indigenous scholarship within our pages, and focuses on the need for thoughtful ways to nurture and record indigenous knowledges, moving beyond ‘us’ understanding ‘them’. Ranging from an analysis of very specific moments to the broad structural systems influencing our social identities every day, we hope you will find these different reflections on race, migration and indigeneity as thoughtful and stimulating as we have.

Social Identities Editorial team