50th Anniversary Virtual Special Issue Patterns of Prejudice

The editors of Patterns of Prejudice are delighted to announce the 50th anniversary of the journal, founded in 1967 as a ‘survey’ aiming ‘to record, document and analyse world-wide manifestations of racial and religious prejudice’. Fifty years later, alas, those manifestations are still many and varied, and the journal continues to provide a forum for work that hopes to shed light on where and when they occur and, perhaps more importantly, how they come about and why. By exploring prejudice past and present, the journal aims to inform discussion about its long-term eradication.

To browse the archive of Patterns of Prejudice is to experience a sobering and illuminating journey through fifty years of political upheaval, conflict and even some resolutions throughout the world. It forms a record not only of events but also of thoughts, ideas and theories about those events.

In this Virtual Special Issue, we are proud to offer the sixty articles that constitute, in our view, our greatest hits. We have selected articles that cover a wide range of subjects, disciplines and writers, including works by well-established authors and first-time publications by young scholars, and that we hope represent the wealth of material available.

The below articles are free to read until the end of 2018.