The new way of providing recently published, relevant content right to the customer

What is Rolling Usage?

Rolling usage is a fully automated email that sends customers recently published content based both on their subject preferences and on what they have access to. It is in the format of a newsletter and gets sent out weekly so it will keep customers up to date with the lastest research. 

How does Rolling Usage work?

When signing up for an account on Taylor & Francis Online (TFO), customers are asked for their email address and also for their subject preferences. They are then also asked whether they want to opt-in to recieve emails from Taylor & Francis. From all this information that is provided, Rolling Usage is clever enough to identify first - what a content each individual customer has access to, and second, what content is most relevant to them. 

Who can receive Rolling Usage?

Anyone who has an account on TFO and has selected their subject preferences.

How often is Rolling Usage sent out?

Rolling Usage gets sent out weekly so it will keep customers up to date with the lastest research as its published. 

Note: Customers will only be sent Rolling Usage every week if enough content has been recently published from their selected subject areas.

Why is Rolling Usage better than the standard newsletter/ e-bulletin?

Previously a customer would only be sent a newsletter-type email from Taylor & Francis once a month, and the articles featured would be the same for everybody with similar subject preferences. However, customers can now recieve an email every week that is both highly targeted and personal to each individual. So far customer-engagement with Rolling Usage is 230% higher than it was with the old newsletter version.

How can someone start to receive Rolling Usage?

They need to make sure they:

  1. have an account on TFO.
  2. have selected their subject preferences.
  3. have opted in to recieve emails from Taylor & Francis. 

Any further questions?

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