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JPS celebrates the 2016 Impact Factor of 4.1

Thomson Reuters released the Journal Citation Report (JCR) for 2016.

We are happy to announce that JPS got 4.1 Impact Factor, placing it 1/84 in Anthropology and 2/54 in Planning & Development. As a way to thank everyone who has engaged…

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A care-centered public administration

Federal, state, and local governments in the US and abroad are crafting laws that challenge conceptions of human dignity and erode social justice progress. Healthcare reform in 2017 at the federal level in the US, for example, was done in…

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Social Media Virtual Special Issue

Social Media Advertising and eWOM from 2011 to present

Guest Editor: Louisa Ha, Bowling Green State University

Social media are the fastest growing advertising media worldwide. Just Facebook’s 2016 global advertising revenue is already 27…

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