10th Anniversary Virtual Special Issue Journal of War & Culture Studies

Journal of War & Culture Studies

This Virtual 10th Anniversary Special Issue of the Journal of War and Culture Studies brings together ten papers, one from each year of the Journal’s existence, and made available freely to interested readers. Together these ten papers reflect the breadth and diversity of war and culture studies. But they also hint at the story of the discipline’s journey: through its origins in literary studies to the study of new media via engagement with film studies and visual cultures more broadly, and encompassing both contemporary and recent historical periods. This special issue demonstrates how, through the Journal of War and Culture Studies, the cultural analysis of war has entered the academic mainstream, but also how it has been at the forefront of innovations in a range of areas of cultural, literary, historical and sociological studies of war. Selecting the papers for this special issue was a difficult task because of the wealth of excellent papers published since the journal’s inception. Those selected have been chosen to show the range of topics, approaches, disciplinary backgrounds, methodologies, conflicts and issues of interest across the field of war and culture studies.