Popular Music and Society Special Issue Call for Papers: Prince

Popular Music and Society

Submissions are welcomed for a special issue of Popular Music and Society that examines the music and production of the late Prince Rogers Nelson. This volume seeks to draw together perspectives that provide various reflections on this artist’s standing as a pop music phenomenon. The ways in which his music paved the way forward for bridging black popular music traditions and white mainstream pop and rock, as well as the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, open up for vibrant discussions of pop music as pleasure, political engagement, and cultural resistance.

This special edition aims for an interdisciplinary focus, where the various strands of popular music studies merge to provide a retrospective snapshot of the extraordinary impact of Prince’s life and times. As well as dealing specifically with his musical output and pathbreaking approach to studio production, the editors are keen to encourage essays that have a grounding in sociology, cultural studies, ethnomusicology, and gender studies.


Questions and topics to be explored in this volume may include:

  • Music-analytic or sound-based methodological approaches to Prince’s compositions, arrangements, and production
  • Studies focused on Prince’s vocal performance, guitar playing, and other musicianship
  • Song or album interpretations
  • Relationships between music and subjectivity during distinct periods
  • Genderbending strategies and ploys
  • The social and political impact of African-American celebrity status as well as other trajectories of racialized agency
  • Religious representations in Prince’s music videos and songs
  • Aesthetics, fashion, and dandyist traits in Prince’s performances
  • Warner Bros. and the changing role of the music industry in Prince’s lifetime

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Important Dates:

September 30, 2017: Abstracts of 250-500 words and a CV (of all authors) are to be submitted

June 30, 2018: Authors to be included in the volume should expect to have their full manuscripts prepared by this date

December 31, 2018: Completed drafts due

These submissions should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words (inclusive of everything) and should use MLA style.  All affiliations, emails, and snail mail contact information should be supplied in the first submission; however, your name or the names of your coauthors should not appear in the body of the manuscript for the purposes of blind peer-review.  All articles will be peer-reviewed by at least two peers as well as the two guest editors of the special issue.  We are happy to receive inquiries about prospective submissions.  Please send all queries to e.s.hawkins@imv.uio.no and anne.danielsen@imv.uio.no.

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