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Journal of New Music Research

Why Publish in Journal of New Music Research?

Journal of New Music Research seeks to promote systematic, scientific and technological research, but the focus is always on what these methods can tell us about music. The journal has the ability to accept supplementary data and attract different types of submissions such as replication studies and systematic reviews.

Publication in Journal of New Music Research is highly selective. Every published article is reviewed by two expert reviewers and checked by the editor for both scientific rigour and musical significance. The Editorial Board is made up of leading music researchers in fields ranging from computer science to psychology to music theory.

Journal of New Music Research affords space for proper discussion and consideration of big questions in music research. Definitions and methods are given in detail and with precision. Articles can include associated supplementary material, published on-line with the article, which might be examples, data or code.

All articles are professionally copy-edited and type-set, catalogued and promoted through the networks of a long-standing professional scholarly publishing house.

Articles are published on-line as soon as proofs are approved. The review process is kept as short as possible while allowing proper consideration of submissions.

Journal of New Music Research is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics and fully supports and operates its policies. Reviewing is double-blind, so authors and reviewers are unaware of each other’s identities. Submissions from all people and across all parts of the globe, are welcome. The Editorial Board is diverse and international. Submissions are judged on the quality of the research reported and not on the kind of music discussed.

Open Access
Authors have the choice of 'green' and 'gold' open-access routes and more information on these options is available here. Journal of New Music Research conforms to the open-access requirements common for national research bodies, for example the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF)*. Further information on ensuring your article complies to the REF OA policy is available here.

*Articles published in JNMR using the 'green' open-access route would be admissible to any appropriate panel of the UK REF. The 18 month green OA embargo period covers admissions to Main Panels C or D (where the embargo period is 18 months) and to Main Panels A and B (where the embargo period is 18 months for interdisciplinary articles that would also be admissible to Main Panels C or D). The Aims and Scope of JNMR explicitly state that articles are interdisciplinary and focused on music and articles would therefore be admissible to Main Panel A or B, where appropriate, for the other disciplinary focus of the article.

To learn more about the journal please visit: Aims & Scope

How To Submit:

All submissions should be made online at the Journal of New Music Research Scholar One Manuscripts website. New users should first create an account. Once logged on to the site, submissions should be made via the Author Centre. Online user guides and access to a helpdesk are available on this website. Manuscripts may be submitted in any standard editable format, including Word and EndNote. These files will be automatically converted into a PDF file for the review process. LaTeX files should be converted to PDF prior to submission because ScholarOne Manuscripts is not able to convert LaTeX files into PDFs directly. All LaTeX source files should be uploaded alongside the PDF.

Please see our Instructions for Authors page for more information.

Editorial information

  • Edited by : Alan Marsden, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW, UK (