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“For many decades now, the body has been at the forefront of critical debate and inquiry in the humanities. This is no less the case for the field of English Studies insofar it concerns literature and culture. The rise of, in particular, poststructuralism and feminism has resulted in a huge proliferation of books and articles on every aspect of the body as a site for contested meaning. The body, so to speak, is everywhere, in spite of the ongoing theoretical debate as to what exactly it is the body constitutes in non-corporeal terms. Over the past five to ten years, English Studies has been the platform for a substantial number of articles that explore the meaning of the body both within particular texts and for the work of specific authors, ranging from J.A. Symonds to B.S. Johnson. The remarkable variation displayed in the various approaches is testimony to the catholicity with which English Studies engages in contemporary cultural debate.”

Odin Dekkers, Editor-in-Chief of English Studies 

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