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''Given its respectable age and reputation, it may be tempting to bracket English Studies as a ‘traditional’ journal, primarily adopting a primarily historical and philological approach to the wide-ranging discipline of English Studies. However, such a categorization would hardly do justice to the ample attention the journal has paid in the course of its history to contemporary literature fiction and poetry.

The Virtual Special Issue presented here provides a representative sampling of recent articles on contemporary British fiction and poetry from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. However varied the approaches to the authors and works under discussion may be, these contributions are characterized by a common concern for offering fresh perspectives informed by the latest scholarship. Canonical, ‘high-brow’ names such as Ian McEwan, A.S. Byatt and Julian Barnes are particularly well-represented here, but the article on publishing sensations from Mary Braddon to J.K. Rowling shows that literature primarily written for a mass-market readership also receives its fair share of attention.''

Odin Dekkers, Editor-in-Chief of English Studies 

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English Studies