25th Anniversary Article Collection European Review of History - Revue européenne d’histoire

European Review of History - Revue européenne d’histoire

The European Review at 25 years

Over the past twenty-five years the European Review of History – Revue européenne d’histoire has published on a variety of subjects that this virtual issue illustrates. Over the years the review has remained faithful to its core mission to publish new historians, transnational accounts of Europe and of European history globally, and to foster debates and the enrichment of dialogues across the continent.

Today the review is engaged in promoting academic free speech through its international conference in Budapest in November and in promoting new fields of research. The twenty-five articles we have selected for this special issue represent a sample of our publications in the last twenty-five years. They cover some core themes of the review: the history of citizenship, the history of space and urban cultures, our concern for memory and material cultures, empires and wars. The readers will find in this sample examples of articles which originally were part of our strong thematic issues, many of which have since been republished as books in their own right, as well as instances of articles published in isolation as part of our more generalist offerings.

Through these articles we hope our readers will discover or rediscover a vibrant journal set up twenty-five years ago to be at the heart of European intellectual debates as the Iron Curtain fell. The review has published authors from every corner of the newly reunited continent and from the wider world. The range of periods from ancient to modern, the broad spectrum of historical methodology from economic history to cultural history reflects the culture of openness and inclusivity that is the core of the review’s DNA.