Museums & Social Issues: A Journal of Reflective Discourse Call for Papers

Controversial Monuments and Memorials

Museums & Social Issues

This special issue of Museums & Social Issues seeks to explore how museums and historic sites have approached statues and monuments that represent controversial history. In the wake of the tragic death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville in 2017, statues that memorialize the Confederacy have been removed, reinterpreted and re-contextualized all across the United States. How might museums leverage the public’s trust to become part of this essential community dialogue?

Consider submitting an article or case study if you:

  • Have been part of a removal or reinterpretation of a monument or memorial in your community.
  • Have researched and written about controversial monuments and memorials.
  • Are able to address the various ways that museums and historic sites have approached reinterpretation and contextualization of statues and memorials.

Now is the time for museums and historic sites to wade into the fray around controversial monuments and memorials. Be part of the dialogue by submitting your article today!

How to submit your paper

Deadline for paper submission: 31st May 2018

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