Politics, Groups, and Identities Call for Papers

Dialogues: Media and The Politics of Groups and Identities

Politics, Groups, and Identities

We invite articles that investigate the role and influence of the media in shaping the politics of groups and identities. The research might examine media effects on public opinion, media coverage of campaigns and issues, institutional aspects of the media, media and social movements, the interaction between political elites and journalists, the economics of the news media, new technologies, etc.


We are interested in papers on either traditional or social media. We are open to papers on news media, citizen journalism, or entertainment media. Scholars doing empirical work in Political Science, Communication, Sociology, or other cognate disciplines are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration. We aim to publish the best scholarship on social groups and the media from any subfield or discipline and on any country or region of the world. The Dialogues section will include an introductory article by Jengelley and Clawson and 5-7 articles of 4,500-5,000 words each. 

Submission Instructions and Deadlines

We will follow this timeline for considering proposed articles: August 1, 2017: Abstracts of 250-350 words due August 14, 2017: Invitations sent to selected contributors to submit full article by November 1 November 1, 2017: Full articles of 4,500-5,000 words due March 1, 2018: Comments from editors and reviewers returned to authors March 1 – May 1, 2018: Author revisions occur with additional external review as needed May 1, 2018: Final manuscripts due for copy editing. 

Please send abstracts to Dwaine Jengelley at djengell@purdue.edu by August 1, 2017.

Editorial information

  • Dialogues Co-Organizer: Dwaine Jengelley, Purdue University (djengell@purdue.edu)
  • Dialogues Co-Organizer: Rosalee A. Clawson, Purdue University