Journal of Sports Sciences Special Issue - Identifying and Developing Elite Soccer Players

Journal of Sports Sciences

The Journal of Sports Sciences is planning a special issue focusing on how best to ‘Identify and Develop Elite Soccer Players’. The journal published a highly successful special issue on this same theme in 2000 (edited by Williams and Reilly) and the intention is to update and extend knowledge and understanding of current best practice in the fields of talent identification and development in soccer. The issue will be published in late 2019.

Instructions for Authors

The journal invites submissions that meet the guidelines published on the journal’s website. Submissions are encouraged from all the relevant sub-discipline areas of sports sciences covered by journal, while multi-disciplinary submissions are strongly encouraged. Articles that focus on the men’s and/or women’s game are accepted. The preference is for empirical submissions, albeit a limited number of review papers will be included. Permission must be obtained from the special issue Editor prior to submitting a review paper. Papers may span the continuum from theoretical to applied, reflecting the range of papers typically published in the journal. Papers should be submitted for consideration via the journal’s online submissions site, where the special issue is already identified. Please direct any informal queries to the Special Issue Editor, albeit prior permission is not needed to submit an empirical paper. 

Editorial information