Journal of the Indian Ocean Region Call for Papers: Indian Ocean Region: Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Journal of the Indian Ocean Region

As the world observes more climate related destruction and natural catastrophes, resilience and adaptation to climate change impacts is increasingly at the forefront of public policy concerns.

The Indian Ocean region is especially vulnerable to climate change destruction. The Indian Ocean has traditionally been the neglected ocean, seen as marginal to global centres of power and conflict. The Indian Ocean has been rightly described as the “Heart of the Third World” or the “Ocean of the South”, with low per capita income and low levels of development in the majority of countries. From a situation of relative neglect, however, the 21st century has seen a global upsurge in interest in the Indian Ocean region on the part of policy-makers, business people, academics, associated in part with a growing realisation of its geostrategic significance.

Climate change adaptation can provide an opportunity to change from the usual business-as-usual practices which have degraded ecosystems and undermined the human societies that depend on them. Pressing environmental issues including climate change and its associated effects on fisheries, food, water, energy, migration, and unregulated fishing have become the political currency with which to forge more cooperative visions and policies in the region.

The language of human and environmental security now seems paramount and the discourse of non-traditional security appears to be a key site of regional bridge-building between states and between state and non-state actors. This Call for Papers invites research that envisions human and environment problem-solving as a lynchpin of cooperative models of regional security and prosperity. We encourage research that helps to build an Indian Ocean region and foster collaboration and cooperative ventures. Using the frame of climate change adaptation and resilience as the organising principle, we invite research that helps create a region which has the potential to provide secure access for individual citizens of all countries in the Indian Ocean Region to basic nutrition; adequate access to healthy environments; appropriate shelter; and the security to practice a diverse range of livelihoods that are culturally and ecologically determined.

Key Themes include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Sustainable resource development strategies
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Delta agriculture
  • Natural disaster responses and governance
  • Coastal pollution
  • Role of state and non-state actors, and cooperation between them; sub-regional actors, formal and informal (BIMSTEC; Gulf Cooperation Council, African Union, IORA, private business, civil society; community participation, etc.)
  • Comparative or regional case studies
  • Case studies from individual states with broader application across the region;
  • Reviews of current policy, policy networks; legal or governance frameworks, or explorations of future ones; regulatory webs, and softer forms of regional and sub-regional governance

How to Submit


Abstracts due: 30 September 2018

Submit full paper: 14 November 2018

Publication in hard copy: July 2019

Queries and submissions should be directed to the Commissioning Editor, Dr. Adela Alfonsi:

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