Justice Quarterly Call for Papers: Special Issue

Prosecutorial Discretion: Processes and Outcomes

Justice Quarterly

Jeffery Ulmer, the JQ Review Editor, is pleased to invite submissions for the 2018 JQ Review issue: Prosecutorial Discretion: Processes and Outcomes. We invite manuscripts that examine topics such as:

  • Prosecutors’ interactions and relations with police
  • Prosecutorial charging decisions
  • Prosecutors and plea bargaining, including charge bargaining,
          sentencing bargaining, fact bargaining, and other dimensions 
  • Prosecutors discretion around pursuing mandatory minimums
  • Prosecutors’ relations with the broader court community
  • Disparities in prosecutorial decisions and outcomes
  • Prosecutorial accountability and decision visibility
  • Prosecutors and the death penalty

We will consider theoretical as well as empirical papers, and we welcome quantitative, qualitative, and multimethod research. 

Submission Instructions

All submissions will be subject to peer review and are due no later than March 31st, 2018. Please submit manuscripts through JQ’s Scholar One submission site, following the Justice Quarterly Instructions for Authors.

In your cover letter please note that your submission is specifically for the Justice Quarterly Review issue, so that it is assigned to the Review Editor. If you have questions, please submit them to Jeffery Ulmer by email at jtu100@psu.edu