Journal of Ecotourism Welcoming Submissions for a New Companion Issue

Tourism Ethics: A New, Regular Companion Issue

Journal of Ecotourism

Tourism ethics is said to be the next major platform in tourism studies research (Macbeth, 2005) in areas such as ethics (e.g., tourism and business ethics), animal ethics (e.g., how animals are being used in the tourism industry), and environmental ethics (e.g., ecocentric philosophies and tourism growth). These research areas are escalating in importance and deserve an outlet in the tourism studies realm. 

Journal of Ecotourism is launching Journal of Tourism Ethics as a regular companion to JOE which will focus on papers and reviews of all themes specific to the aforementioned areas. This companion will provide a medium for the study and practice of a more responsible and sustainable tourism. Papers that focus on moral theory will help to advance this sub-field of tourism research.

Each year, one edition of the Journal of Tourism Ethics will be published as a companion to Journal of Ecotourism.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To be accepting of research that investigates a broad range of different types of tourism.
  • To be interdisciplinary and inclusive in approach.
  • To employ a critical lens in the investigation and conceptualization of tourism and its various pros and cons.
  • To not be limited to a few specific areas of tourism research, but rather to be accepting of research that investigates a broad range of different types of tourism.
  • To expand this type of research for the purpose of challenging the conventional mindset in tourism studiers and practice.  

Submission Instructions

Journal of Tourism Ethics will accept full-length papers, book reviews, research notes and other commentaries that conform to the aims of the regular issue, as above. An additional section will be included that allows scholars to introduce new terminology to the tourism studies lexicon. These terms will have had a significant impact in other philosophical and disciplinary domains, but will not as of yet be firmly entrenched in tourism studies. The intent is to broaden our set of ideas and knowledge in further enriching the tourism studies landscape. For full details on how to submit, visit Instructions for authors.

Submissions for the first annual issue of Tourism Ethics should be submitted by 1 February 2018.