Be Involved in the 25th Anniversary Celebration Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography

Gender, Place and Culture

We are pleased to announce the 25th volume anniversary events for Gender, Place and Culture (GPC).

As a tribute to the past 25 years of work feminist geographers have collectively undertaken, the Editorial Board and Editors have chosen the theme – Feminist Ethos of Care. As an associated practice, we chose Mentoring as part of the activities. We invite you to be part of the celebrations throughout 2018 – through your own activities around feminist ethics of care and mentoring.

As a collective effort, we would like to keep a list of your activities whether they be reading groups, seminars, colloquia, conference presentations, lectures, or courses. Please send your activities to

We would like to call on you to organize your own lectures and we hope to publish a selection of these lectures about a feminist ethos of care in an upcoming volume. Also, we wish for you to put together sessions about mentoring. These sessions will usually be at conferences, but need not be so.

Contact Raksha Pande for GPC lectures and Karen Falconer Al-Hindi for mentoring sessions. They will keep track of these activities.

Throughout the 2018 volume, GPC will publish a series of papers that address the history, present, and future of feminist geography. In addition, the book review section will revisit some classics and make room for new voices.  There will be lots of activity on the​ website, too.

In the coming weeks, the various organizers of the celebratory activities will provide more details about how to participate.

Sponsorship is mainly about connections, networking, profile and being part of the celebrations rather than funds. Please inquires to Pamela Moss, Managing Editor, at