Political Research Exchange (PRX): A new open access journal published in partnership with ECPR

Routledge has partnered with the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) to launch Political Research Exchange (PRX).

PRX is a fully open access (OA) online only journal meaning all published research will be permanently free to access immediately upon publication. 

What is the scope of PRX?

PRX offers a dynamic platform to advance research, innovation and debate across the breadth of political science. It seeks to publish significant contributions from all fields, including comparative politics, international politics/international relations, political communication, political sociology, political thought, public administration, and interdisciplinary work with a predominantly political dimension.

The journal builds on four pillars:

Quality: The journal maintains the highest standards of quality control, with an international group of associate editors representing the scope and breadth of ECPR and ensures fairness by implementing a policy of triple-blind external peer review.

Depth: Editorial evaluation and independent peer review of submissions is combined with a state-of-the-art online platform which enables authors to embed evidence (including video, audio and data visualisation), active linking to datasets, code, and supplementary materials.

Accessibility: ECPR subsidises the author-side publication costs often associated with OA to ensure the availability of quality research and publication channels irrespective of funding.

Exchange: The journal seeks to serve as a platform for synergy and exchange across and beyond the study of politics. It prioritises articles that speak to key issues and across sub-fields as well as research that engages those working in other sectors such as government, politics, the media and the economy. 

Why should you publish in PRX

Quality research: Implementing a policy of triple-blind peer review, you can be assured that only the highest quality political science research will be published in PRX.

Extend your network: Not only do you have the prestige of publishing in a journal associated with ECPR, but your research will be accessible to their vast network.

Unlimited reach: Your paper will be freely and permanently available online for anyone, anywhere to read immediately on publication.

Higher readership: OA research typically receives greater and more varied readership compared to traditionally-published articles. Your paper could be read and cited by fellow researchers and practitioners all over the world.

Influence public policy: No barriers to readership means your research can be read beyond academia and inform and influence public policy all over the world.

Format-free submission: PRX operates a format-free submission process, making it as simple as possible for you to submit your manuscript. You can send us your paper in any scholarly format or layout with any referencing style, provided these are consistent throughout your paper.

Embedding capabilities: As an online journal, PRX does not follow the same restrictions as paper format journals. You can embed evidence (including video, audio and data visualisation), and include active linking to datasets, code, and supplementary materials.

How to submit your paper

Submit your article now

As a gold OA journal, PRX will charge an article publishing charge (APC) to authors once an article has been accepted for publication. For 2018 and 2019, all authors will be eligible to publish OA in PRX with a waived APC. This means all authors can publish in the journal for free until the end of 2019!

Read the Instructions for Authors for further information about how to prepare your manuscript for submission.