Defence Studies Special Issues Call for Proposals

Defence Studies

Defence Studies is seeking proposals for special issues to be published in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. Special issues should be devoted to a theme within the aims and scope of the journal. 

Defence Studies is a scholarly journal aimed at the study of contemporary defence and emergent warfare from both a theoretical and empirical  perspective. The scope of the journal is set to examine how armed forces seek to engage with conceptual, strategic and operational challenges.  We welcome papers that consider how states and non-state actors think and determine insecurities through defence policies. The journal also  encourages papers that engage with how defence strategy is constructed and operationalised. Following this, we look for papers that explore  operational deployment in conflict zones and alternative battlespaces. The journal is an arena for debate in and around defence studies from both  traditional and critical studies. We welcome scholars who explore these debates in the areas of war studies, strategic theory, policy studies, critical  security as well as case study, regional and global comparisons. The journal has recently published on force transformation, cyber defence, counter-insurgency (COIN), naval warfare and tactical nuclear strategy.

David Galbreath
Defence Studies

Special Issue Information

Special issues should consist of a substantial Introduction, six or seven articles up to a maximum of 8000 words including references and notes that conform to Defence Studiessubmission criteria, and a Conclusion.

Each proposal should include the following:

A brief outline of the thematic or conceptual focus of the issue, Rationale for the issue, Contact details, institutional affiliation and short bios of the special issue co-editors (1 page max) List of agreed articles and authors for the issue.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 31 July 2015. Decisions will be made in August and special issue co-editors will be notified in early September. Proposals should be sent by email to