Calls for Papers Contemporary Social Science

Submissions are invited for the following themed issues of Contemporary Social Science.

Contemporary Social Science Call for Papers: Family Change, Intergenerational Relations and Policy Responses

Contributions are invited that consider evidence about changing family and household structures and the ways in which they affect intergenerational relations, as well as the policy responses to these effects. 

Taken together, the articles…

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Contemporary Social Science Call for Papers: Sustaining Natural Resources in a Changing Environment

The aim in this themed issue of Contemporary Social Science is to compare and contrast international and multi-disciplinary perspectives on the development of policy in response to evidence about the impact of environmental change on the…

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Contemporary Social Science Call for Papers: Biographical Research - Challenges and Creativity

Emerging trends in biographical research are introducing new investigative challenges that merit further reflection, analysis and comparability. This special issue brings together papers from different social sciences that deal with such…

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