Contemporary Social Science Call for Papers: Family Change, Intergenerational Relations and Policy Responses

Family Change, Intergenerational Relations and Policy Responses

Contemporary Social Science

Contributions are invited that consider evidence about changing family and household structures and the ways in which they affect intergenerational relations, as well as the policy responses to these effects. 

Taken together, the articles will explore the evidence about changing intergenerational relations in a range of national contexts and from different disciplinary perspectives, focussing on: 

  • the methods employed in collecting and processing reliable data;
  • the challenges that arise in assessing and brokering evidence;
  • the content of this evidence, its value, and any gaps in knowledge; 
  • the impact of evidence in informing and shaping policy, and improving governance; 
  • the nature of the policies formulated and their outcomes and efficacy, or the lack of policy responses.

The themed issue will include articles about developed countries and emerging economies, and contributions that consider intergenerational relations in terms of not only relationships and exchanges within families but also public policies affecting provision of benefits, goods and services. 

Of particular interest will be articles that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of combining different disciplinary, institutional and methodological approaches to the evidence base for policy, and/or papers considering the lessons learned from comparative analysis or policy development about what might be transferable across national and cultural boundaries.

The Guest Editors are seeking original articles, critical reviews and case studies that use a range of disciplinary methods and approaches to examine academic and scholarly issues. Sound, empirically based studies on the evidence and data, and on the relationship between evidence and policy, will be welcomed, as will high quality scholarly essays on issues attracting current policy attention. 

Submission Instructions

Outline proposals (abstracts of 150–200 words) should be forwarded to the Guest Editors by 24 April 2017.

The papers should be 5,000‒7,000 words in length. Manuscripts should follow the usual instructions for electronic submission of papers to Contemporary Social Science. Please visit the Instructions for Authors page for more details. Authors should indicate that they wish the manuscript to be reviewed for inclusion in this themed issue.

The Editors of this issue would be happy to comment on drafts for papers in advance of their final receipt. All papers will be peer reviewed. The closing date for submitting papers is 25 September 2017.

Editorial information