Contemporary Security Policy New Editor and Call for Papers

Contemporary Security Policy

Routledge is delighted to announce that Dr Hylke Dijkstra has been appointed as the new editor of Contemporary Security Policy (CSP). He is an experienced scholar at Maastricht University, The Netherlands, who has widely published on how international organizations address contemporary security challenges.

Following his appointment, Hylke Dijkstra stated “Contemporary Security Policy is a renowned journal in international security. It is about to publish its 37th volume. Among its authors have been world-leading scholars such as Kenneth Waltz, Barry Buzan and Ernst B. Haas. Having been entrusted with the leadership of this journal is a major honor as well as responsibility.”

CSP has published cutting-edge scholarship on arms control, strategic culture, NATO and EU security. Hylke Dijkstra notes that “this focus is certainly something that will be continued. However, the scope of the journal will be expanded to include contemporary security challenges worldwide. I expect the journal to also publish quality articles on, for example, the ongoing threat of ISIL, peacekeeping in Africa and the territorial disputes in the South and East China seas."

Call for Papers

One of the oldest peer reviewed journals in international conflict and security, CSP promotes theoretically-based research on policy problems of armed violence, intervention and conflict resolution. Since it first appeared in 1980, CSP has established its unique place as a meeting ground for research at the nexus of theory and policy. 

Spanning the gap between academic and policy approaches, CSP offers policy analysts a place to pursue fundamental issues, and academic writers a venue for addressing policy. Major fields of concern include:

•    War and armed conflict
•    Peacekeeping
•    Conflict resolution
•    Arms control and disarmament
•    Defense policy
•    Strategic culture
•    International institutions

CSP is committed to a broad range of intellectual perspectives. Articles promote new analytical approaches, iconoclastic interpretations and previously overlooked perspectives. Its pages encourage novel contributions and outlooks, not particular methodologies or policy goals. Its geographical scope is worldwide and includes security challenges in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Asia. Authors are encouraged to examine established priorities in innovative ways and to apply traditional methods to new problems.

Following the appointment of Hylke Dijkstra as the new editor, you are invited your submit your work to CSP. In addition to articles, CSP also accepts review articles, book reviews and proposals for special issues and forums.
Manuscripts for the consideration of CSP should be submitted via Editorial Manager.

Please find the guidelines for submission here.