Journal of Southern African Studies Call for Papers

Special Issues

Journal of Southern African Studies

Starting with volume 45 (2019), JSAS will publish a maximum of 2 special issues each year. One of these will be composed of papers from a conference, panel or workshop sponsored, funded or organised by the journal. Non-JSAS affiliated scholars are invited to submit proposals for the second special issue. All proposals submitted will be considered by a working group of the editorial board, and the final decision will be approved by the full board.

We invite proposals which reflect the journal’s aims to generate fresh scholarly research in the fields of history, economics, sociology, demography, social anthropology, geography, development studies, administration, law, political science, political economy, international relations, literature, cultural studies, and the natural sciences in so far as they relate to the human condition.

We will look particularly favourably on proposals that include scholars based in African institutions, and welcome a mixture of junior and senior colleagues, as well as a diverse range of disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches. We are unlikely to accept a proposal which covers only a narrow range of countries in our area of interest. 

'Special issues' are collections of 9-10 papers that fill an entire issue, along with the usual book reviews section which is separate. A special issue is edited jointly by editors from outside the journal together with one person chosen from the JSAS editorial board who has a special interest in the topic and can guide the others through the editing process. There is an 'editorial introduction' for the special issue, written jointly by the editors.

All papers must go through the JSAS peer-review process: each paper is sent out to readers, then the board decides whether to accept or reject each paper. All accepted papers are then edited by the group editors together with the editor chosen from the board. The inclusion of any paper is dependent on the author revising to meet the readers' requirements. A paper can subsequently be rejected if the author fails to revise sufficiently.

Submission instructions and deadlines

Proposals for special issues to be published in volume 46 (2020) should be submitted by email to Dr Sara Rich Dorman on or before 1 December 2017.  You are also welcome to contact Dr Dorman to discuss your proposal informally beforehand if that would be helpful.

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