Area Development and Policy Call for Papers

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Area Development and Policy

Area Development and Policy (ADP) aims to be a world-class journal publishing original academic research examining the multi-scalar and geographically differentiated relationships between economic and political organization, ways of life and work and their context, as they shape regions, cities, rural areas and their inter-relationships.

Geographically it concentrates on issues relating to the Greater BRICS, and aims to publish research emerging from these countries as well from the developed world. ADP recognizes that the economic, political, cultural and geographical context plays a fundamental role in shaping development. ADP therefore recognizes that research should examine the role of diverse national and regional institutional configurations and value systems, and that theories should derive from the experiences and values of these countries and regions and not necessarily from the possibly exceptional experiences of Northwest Europe and North America. ADP aims to expand common ground while accepting differences, improve mutual communication and increase cooperation and shared learning.

All submitted research is refereed, evaluated by a distinguished board of Editors and Editorial Advisors and accepted for publication only if it meets high scholarly standards of originality, significance and rigour in advancing understanding of area development and policy.

Along with standard Research Articles (8,000 words) and Review Articles (6,000 words), Area Development and Policy also welcomes Research Notes (short articles presenting the results of original research and which briefly situates the research in relation to the existing empirical and theoretical literature) of up to 4,000 words, and Commentaries (short articles commenting in a significant way on, or supplementing arguments and evidence in, a Research Article or a Review Article) of up to 2,000 words.

Authors are welcome to submit original Research Articles, Review Articles, Research Notes, and Commentaries dealing with themes relating to the mission of the journal, which may include, but are not confined to:

  • Alternative paradigms for spatial development
  • Governance and territorial development
  • Diversity (cultural, ethnic) and local/regional development
  • Human/social capital and territorial development
  • South-South relations and urban and regional development
  • Inward and outward foreign investment, MNEs and territorial development
  • Geopolitics, rising powers and spatial development
  • Uneven/comparative development, spatial convergence/divergence
  • Endogenous innovation, spatial innovation systems, knowledge flows and territorial development
  • Inclusive urbanisation, land rights, urban-rural integration
  • Informality, segregation, exclusion and city development
  • Urban renewal and area-based initiatives
  • Property, housing markets and land use
  • Geographical mobility and spatial development
  • Interregional migration, demographic trends and contexts
  • Geographies of industrialisation and deindustrialisation
  • Development of remote/northern/ecologically sensitive areas
  • Restructuring old industrial areas, emerging new industrial areas
  • Commodity-driven territorial development
  • The role of infrastructure in urban and regional development
  • The role of local and regional institutions in development
  • Urban and regional finance, fiscal federalism, transfers and spatial development
  • Regional planning and policies
  • Political economy of natural resources within federal/unitary systems
  • Cross-border development
  • Trade and energy corridors
  • Rapid metropolitanization and the urban crisis
  • Regional economic and political integration: successes and failures
  • Resource efficiency, green economy and spatial development
  • Climate change, adaptation and regional resilience

Submission instructions

All papers should be submitted via the ScholarOne system. Visit the ADP Instructions for Authors page for more details about submitting your work.


Michael Dunford, IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liu Weidong, IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yuko AoyamaClark University, Massachusetts, USA
Clélio Campolina Diniz, Center for Development and Regional Planning, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil 
Amitabh Kundu, Institute for Human Development and Delhi Policy Group, India
Leonid Limonov, ICSER ‘Leontief Centre’ and NRU Higher School of Economics - St Petersburg, Russia
George C.S Lin, University of Hong Kong
Sam Ock Park, Seoul National University, South Korea
Ivan TurokHuman Sciences Research Council, South Africa

Editorial Advisory Board

Marco Crocco, Center for Development and Regional Planning, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil 
Peter Dicken, University of Manchester, UK 
Ana Cristina Fernandes, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Phil Harrison, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa 
He ShenJing, University of Hong Kong
He Canfei, College of Urban and Environmental Science, Peking University, China 
Hsu Jinn-Yuh, National Taiwan University
Ray Hudson, Durham University, UK
Niaz Ahmed Khan, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Dong Ju Kim, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements 
Taibat Lawanson, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Alejandro Mercado Celis, Department of Social Sciences, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Cuajimalpa, Mexico 
Guldem Ozatagan, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
Alexander Pelyasov, Council for the Study of Productive Forces, Russia
Alexander Puzanov, Institute for Urban Economics, Russia
Michael Storper, UCLA, USA; LSE, UK; and Sciences Po, France
Elkin Velasquez, UN-HABITAT Regional Office Latin America and the Caribbean (ROLAC), Brazil
Wu Fulong, Bartlett School, University College London, UK
Henry Yeung, National University of Singapore 

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