Politics, Geography, and Area Studies Calls for Papers

Leisure Sciences Call for Papers

This special issue on sex in leisure research invites contributions from different disciplinary and theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. The issue will focus on the links between sex and leisure and their impacts on health…

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Article Collection on Ukrainian Politics

The ongoing political situation in Ukraine continues to be a hot topic for academics and policymakers working on the region. Please enjoy these important resources from Europe-Asia Studies, Post-Soviet Affairs, Nationalities Papers,…

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Housing Policy Debate Call for Papers

Financialization has become a new key word in describing and analyzing contemporary developments in economies and societies. It has also become a key concept in understanding recent trends in housing markets and policies. The literature on…

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Annals of Leisure Research Call for Papers

While it is generally accepted in the leisure field that leisure has a role, perhaps even a key one, in wellness and wellbeing, this is largely at odds with the operations and funding frameworks of contemporary healthcare systems.…

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Global Discourse Forthcoming Issues

Forthcoming issues

Global Discourse publishes themed issues only. This list provides authors with overviews of those themes in order to identify opportunities for contribution. Overviews without calls for submissions, indicated by…

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