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Special Issue: Occupation, Wellbeing and Immigration

Journal of Occupational Science

The background to the Special Issue is globalization of nations’ economies and trade agreements, which has opened up borders for movement of goods, services, and people. The movement of people has not been without controversies and, more than ever, immigration is attracting headlines the world over. It remains the case that the majority of migrants move from less developed to more affluent countries. While reasons for immigration are complex, with some people choosing to immigrate for better work opportunities, many others are fleeing persecution and conflict, seeking refuge and asylum in order to survive.

Regardless of the reasons for immigration, moving to a country with unfamiliar cultural norms, behaviours, and expectations poses a number of threats to health and well-being. How people live their daily lives influences their health and the transition from a familiar to an unfamiliar environment potentially impacts people’s means and ability to engage in meaningful occupations.

This call for papers is for theoretical, research or conceptual papers that address the intersections of immigration and human occupation. Examples of relevant topics are:

  • The altered occupational meanings and patterns of immigrants
  • Use of occupations to create a sense of being and belonging
  • Environmental influences on immigrants’ choices about the what, how and where of engaging in occupation
  • Occupation as a vehicle in cross-cultural understanding, adaptation and identity formation.

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