Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention Submit to the first ever CATs issue in communication disorders!

Seize the opportunity, get your Critically Apprised Topic (CAT) published today

Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention

We are inviting submissions for a new Special Issue of Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention devoted to Critically Apprised Topics (CATs).

We are seeking to publish a wide range of CATs in various areas of communication disorders from international contributors.

We welcome CATs from practitioners, researchers, student researchers, administrators and policy makers addressing clinical questions relevant to assessment and intervention, in communication disorders including swallowing. We invite you to submit a paper for consideration for publication in this special issue.

Why publish a Special Issue on CATs?

  • CATs provide an alternative to systematic reviews which are time and resource intensive.
  • Unlike systematic reviews, there has been very little discussion and/or publication of CATs.
  • CATs are a form of “rapid review” that provide a snapshot of the best available evidence organized around a clinical question (White et al., 2017).
  • CATs follow rigorous methodology in searching and appraising, yet provide a rapid response to clinically relevant and important questions in communication disorders and can be efficiently conducted.

Ready to submit?

  • The deadline to submit your manuscript is ​June 30, 2018.
  • Peer-review will be completed by ​July 31, 2018.
  • Revisions are due by August 31, 2018.
  • Final decisions will be announced on September 30, 2018.
  • Anticipated publication of the Special issue will be Issue 4 of 2018.

How can I submit my CAT?

Please send your submission to Parimala.Raghavendra@flinders.edu.au, cc’d to R.Schlosser@northeastern.edu.

How should I prepare my submission?

All submissions should be prepared as follows:

  1. Following the guidelines laid out in White, S., Raghavendra, P., & McAllister, S. (2017). Letting the CAT out of the bag: Contribution of Critically Appraised Topics to practice. Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention, 11(1-2), 27-37.
  2. Accessing the journal's full Instructions for Authors and using the template developed for CATs (available in the 'Article Type' section.
  3. Viewing a sample CAT that is going to appear in the final issue of 2018.
  4. Indicating in the cover letter that the manuscript is intended for Special Issue.

For preliminary discussions and questions, please consult any of the Special Issue editors:

Editorial information