Materials Technology: Advanced Performance Materials Call for Papers: Special Issue on Horizon of Next Generation Materials for Energy Storage

Materials Technology

As the Editor of this Special Issue of Materials Technology on Horizon of Next Generation Materials for Energy Storage, I heartily encourage you to submit your research for consideration.

The technology related to Li-ion batteries has been in the market for over 20 years. It had provided the best solution for energy storage in the past. However, due to limited energy density, safety concerns and increases cost of lithium sources, it is unable to meet fast growth of needs for low cost, high energy density and safer energy storages. As such it opens opportunities to develop new materials and devices to meet increased demands. This special issue aims at the horizon of new materials and devices for next generation energy storage.


Materials Technology: Advanced Functional Materials publishes peer-reviewed research on functional materials for electronic, photonic and energy applications – advanced materials in which composition, structure, and surface are designed for specific functionality. I am especially looking for contributions addressing the physical, chemical or engineering sciences that underpin the design, fabrication and application of these materials.


Why Publish with Materials Technology: Advanced Functional Materials?

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