Journal of Cyber Security Technology Special Issue Call for Papers

Secure Smart Society in Next Generation Networking Paradigm.

Journal of Cyber Security Technology

The Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) present unprecedented opportunities for society progressively moving towards a highly socio-technical ecosystem, where the virtual and physical dimensions of human life are increasingly twined. Big data collected from numerous CPS, connected via next generation networks across various interfaces and locations, facilitates sophisticated Intelligent Decision Support (IDS) and Adaptive Personalised Services (APS).

Security vulnerabilities in CPS, however, leave users or even the entire smart society at risk. Besides, a rapid on-going evolution in the technical architectures and topologies of the Internet brings new security challenges to the fore. The migration of networks to Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), particularly, draws attention to security of orchestration, management functionality, surveillance as well as privacy.

This special issue aims to bring together expertise from industry and academia to address the urgent demand to enhance the reliability, robustness and privacy of smart society in next generation networking paradigm.

This special issue invites all interested stakeholders from industry and academia to submit their high quality original work towards building novel security schemes for securing smart society in in next generation networking paradigm. In this context, it is critical to understand the potential security vulnerabilities and threat models, as well as to develop security architectures and defending mechanisms for CPS and next generation network infrastructures.

Submission Details

Deadline for submissions: 31st December 2017

Submissions should be made via Editorial Manager™.

When submitting, authors must indicate that their manuscript is for this special issue. There will be an opportunity to do this in the “Additional Information” section of the online submission form.

For detailed submission guidelines, please consult the journal’s Instructions for Authors.


The topics of interest may include but are not limited to the following:

Security and privacy of CPS including IoT

  • Threat Models in CPS
  • Attack Strategies for CPS
  • Security Architectures
  • Reliable Interactions with Network Services
  • System and Data Integrity
  • Scalability and Robustness for CPS
  • Identity Management in CPS
  • Trustworthiness in CPS
  • Privacy in CPS
  • Adaptive Security in CPS
  • Secure CPS interactions
  • Secure CPS architecture design

Secure 5G networks

  • Core Network Security
  • Cellular security
  • Physical Layer Security
  • Terminal and Edge Computing Security
  • Security Management and Orchestration of NFV and SDN elements
  • Trusted Computing with NFV and SDN
  • Protocol security: Diameter, SS7, BGP etc.
  • 5G wireless communications

General network security schemes for next generation networking

  • Malware and attack detection and prevention techniques
  • Authentication and Authorisation
  • Encryption protocols, e.g. homomorphic encryption
  • Key Exchange, Storage and Protection
  • Honeypot and Firewall Technologies
  • Software vulnerability testing, or reverse engineering.
  • Formal Specification and Analysis of Protocols and Attacks, e.g. model checking etc.
  • Blockchain technologies

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