Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal Special Issue Call for Papers

Supply Chain Quality Management

Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal

You are invited to submit your research to a forthcoming special issue of Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal focused on Supply Chain Quality Management (SCQM).

Causal analysis of worldwide level product recalls which occurred in food, automotive, or electronic sectors has given evidence that globalisation had drastically complexified supply chains, thus requiring collaborative problem solving initiatives within a continuous improvement approach.

In this context, managing quality within the bounds of each firm in the supply chain becomes suboptimal, triggering managerial and research interest for SCQM principles and methods. 

The guest editors encourage and are interested in all types of high-quality, theoretical or empirical papers addressing advances on SCQM.

Despite the fact that Supply Chain Management and Quality Management both apply and promote process approach, customer focus or supplier/customer relationship management, there is neither a clear definition of what quality control, quality assurance, quality management mean at the supply chain level, nor real consensus on how supply chain management can take opportunity from cross-organisational linkages to develop synergies, create value and reach intermediate and final marketplace customers’ satisfaction.

Submissions to this special issue may address but are not restricted to the following topics:

  • Quality and Supply Chain Management integration: principles, reference models, impact on Supply Chain performance
  • Theory development, concepts and definition of SCQM
  • Implementation of Quality methods and tools at the Supply Chain level: Lean production, QFD, risk management, etc.
  • Use of quality standards as tools for Supply Chain Quality improvement
  • Constructs of supply chain quality for specific industry segments / Maturity levels in SCQM
  • Taxonomy of SCQM solutions / Best practices in SCQM 
  • Supply chain quality metrics and measures
  • Recalls prevention / traceability systems to address security and quality issues
  • Role of innovative technologies to support SCQM
  • Supply chain stakeholders’ role and involvement in SCQM

Submission Details

The deadline for submissions is: October 1st, 2017 

Submissions should be made via ScholarOne.

When submitting, authors must indicate that their manuscript is for this special issue. There will be an opportunity to do this in the “Additional Information” section of the online submission form.

For detailed submission guidelines, please consult the journal’s Instructions for Authors.

Questions should be addressed to the guest editors.

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