International Journal of Production Research New consideration of pricing in supply chain - Papers invitation for special issue

International Journal of Production Research

Firms communicate with their customers through a variety of channels. These communications can include information such as advertising, contracts, inventory availability, and many others. However, most means of communication are vulnerable to misinterpretation on the part of the receiver or disinformation on the part of the sender. However, one channel of communication is particularly easy for the recipient to obtain, understand and trust. This unique means of communication is pricing.

Pricing can be used to encourage (or discourage) customer behavior. Pricing sends a clear signal, allowing the customer a greater opportunity to clearly understand the intended message. Research has shown that pricing can be used to incentivize customers in myriad ways. For example, pricing can be used to ration scarce goods and to encourage substitution from one product to another. Unlike many other signals, pricing offers an unambiguous and enforceable means of communication.

As new means of communicating and interacting continue to develop, further research into how pricing can be used to effectively manage supply chains is urgently needed. With this special issue, we invite papers that consider new and unique opportunities for firms to use pricing in supply chain management. We seek original, high quality manuscripts that have not been published and are not under review by other journals or peer-reviewed conferences.

Potential topics

  • Supply chain channel structure, such as multi-channel, cross-channel, omni-channel, online/offline channel and multi-echelon systems
  • New economic phenomenon, such as sharing economy and “ride sharing” environments
  • Pricing of non-profit services, competition with non-profit competitors
  • Customer behavior, such as freeriding and returning product
  • New technology, such as social media, mobile applications and big data analytics
  • Supply chain members’ behavior, such as copycat and parallel importer
  • Social responsibility, such as fairness, pricing of remanufactured versus new goods and government role
  • Social network, such as herd effect, forum (customers' review) and network information eco-chain

Instructions for authors

You can contribute now! The deadline for submissions is April 2nd 2018 but if you would like more information on preparing your manuscript click here. For additional information please contact the editorial team. 

Editorial information

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  • Co-Editor: Jing Chen, Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University (
  • Co-Editor: Gregory D. DeYong, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (
  • Co-Editor: Yong He, School of Economics and Management, Southeast University (