Journal of Modern Optics Call for Papers

Special Issue: Dynamics in Tailored Ultrashort Light Fields

Journal of Modern Optics

We invite active researchers in controlled quantum dynamics and related fields to submit original articles to a Journal of Modern Optics Special Issue focused on 'Dynamics in Tailored Ultrashort Light Fields'.

Ultrashort light pulses offer the possibility to exert precise forces on atoms, molecules and solids while tailored light fields provide powerful control over electronic and nuclear dynamics, resulting in a wide range of phenomena, such as the control of electron localization in molecules and controlled molecular excitation. We are now at a stage that, by combining these techniques, electric fields are able to drive microscopic systems under well-defined conditions where quantum dynamics dominate.

We welcome submissions including, but not limited to, any of the following topics:

  • Atoms, molecules or solids in ultrashort multi-colour fields
  • Strong-field control with tailored femtosecond laser pulses
  • Quantum dynamics in few-cycle pulses
  • Attosecond spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, surfaces and liquids
  • Dynamics of chiral molecules in tailored light fields
  • Electron spin dynamics in intense light fields
  • Controlled attosecond charge migration

Submission Instructions

Submissions should be via the Journal of Modern Optics ScholarOne Manuscripts site:

Please ensure to check the box highlighting that this is a special issue submission.

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