Journal of Occupational Science Call for Papers: Special Issue

Beyond a Western Paradigm

Journal of Occupational Science

Journal of Occupational Science publishes original research and scholarly papers on human occupation, defined here as things people do that have meaning and occupy people’s time, with a particular focus on the reciprocal relationship of occupation and health and well-being. Click here to view the journal's full Aims & Scope.

Beyond a Western Paradigm:

Most occupational science research and scholarship is grounded in a western paradigm, with its attendant assumptions of individualism, autonomy, purposefulness and meaning, progress and dominance over the environment. Yet occupations are enacted in a vast range of cultural, religious, social and economic milieu, and by people holding very different values and beliefs. As global society becomes ever more diverse, it is necessary to reconsider the worldview and concepts used in the study of occupation. Hence, this special issue seeks to further understandings of occupation beyond a western paradigm.

This call for papers is for theoretical, research, historical and review papers that offer non-western perspectives of occupation. Examples of topics include:

  • In-depth examination of an occupation or sphere of people’s occupational lives
  • How eastern values influence people’s decisions and choices about what to do
  • The ways in which occupations preserve or challenge cultural beliefs and aspirations
  • Indigenous or minority perspectives on occupation
  • Direct comparison of occupational performance and norms in western and non-western contexts
  • Ways the environment shapes culturally bound occupation
  • How occupations are categorised
  • Indigenous / non-western methodologies or methodological issues in investigating occupation
  • Considerations for westerner researchers conducting research outside a western paradigm

Submission information

Due date for submissions: 1st March 2018
Publication Issue: JOS 27(2), June 2019

All articles for the journal should be submitted through the online submission portal.

Editorial information

  • Guest Editor: Dr. Shoba Nayar