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Adipocyte  is the first international peer-reviewed journal providing a multi-disciplinary forum for research focusing exclusively on all aspects of adipose tissue physiology and pathophysiology. Topics include: 

               - Adipose tissue structure and development
               - Adipogenesis, adipose stem cells
               - Adipose inflammation, immune cells
               - Brown/Beige fat
               - Insulin resistance and diabetes
               - Metabolism and energy balance
               - Mitochondrial dysfunction
               - Adipose hypoxia, apoptosis
               - Adipokines
               - Angiogenesis
               - Cardiovascular disease and vascular homeostasis
               - Hypertension
               - Lipids, fatty acids
               - Reproduction
               - Obesity and cancer
               - Pharmacology

Adipocyte has an outstanding Editorial Board and offers a rapid and efficient peer review process, as well as a flexible open access (OA) policy. Authors can purchase immediate open access for a reasonable fee. Twelve months after publication, all published papers become free access, allowing your research to have a greater impact.

Adipocyte is indexed in PubMed.

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Editorial Information

Editor-In-Chief: Fahumiya Samad, San Diego Biomedical Research Institute, CA