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Journal of Cyber Security Technology

Cyber security is a rapidly growing area of computer science and technology, encompassing software, systems, IT, networks, communications, cryptography, and various other fields across numerous platforms including traditional computers, smartphones, tablets, servers and any networkable device, whether Internet-connected or not.

The Journal of Cyber Security Technology is a new journal aimed at publishing Word-leading research and is dedicated to being the primary platform for research in all technical areas of cyber security. It will encompass original research and review papers in computer science, electronics, networking, information technology, systems, telecommunications, and other related areas. Topics will cover, but are not limited to, the following areas: Hacking, Denial-of-Service attacks, cyberwarfare, viruses, malware, vulnerability analysis, encryption, integrity, firewalls, authentication, exploits, and insider threats.

While some articles will be highly specialised in their nature, the journal will try and create a balance of addressing current research issues to a wide range of stakeholders, and will encourage inter-disciplinary papers on burning topics of the day.

The first few editions of the journal are focused on thought-leadership articles around key areas such as privacy, encryption-by-default, advanced persistent threat (APT), cyber warfare, cloud security, data loss prevention (DLP), critical infrastructure protection, cyber security education, threat detection/protection, and related topics.  The Editor-in-Chief, Prof Bill Buchanan, thus welcomes thought-leadership papers in related areas.

Submission Instructions

All submissions should be sent to the Journal of Cyber Security Technology submission site:

Authors submitting in PDF should also be able to provide the original LaTeX or Word source files.

All work must be your own original work, and not duplicate any other previously published work, including your own previously published work.

All manuscripts submitted should not be under consideration, peer review, accepted for publication, in press or published elsewhere. Journal of Cyber Security Technology will use the NLM referencing style.

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