Integral Transforms and Special Functions Contribute to our special issue on Topics in Q-Series

Integral Transforms and Special Functions

Integral Transforms and Special Functions invites submissions for a special issue focused on Topics in Q-Series. Although q-series has not been traditionally covered by ITSF, the Editorial Team hopes to encourage more submissions in this area of special functions, particularly contributions on the topic of the theory of elliptic hypergeometric functions as well as the following topics of interest:

  • Q-orthogonal polynomials
  • Applications of q-series to combinatorics
  • Combinatorial and analytic identities
  • Applications of q-series to physical sciences.  

All articles will be thoroughly refereed in line with the high standards of Integral Transforms and Special Functions as outlined in the Peer Review Policy statement in the Aims and Scope.

Submission instructions

To contribute to this special issue, click here. Please ensure that at Step 6 (‘Details & Comments’) of the submission process you indicate that your manuscript is a candidate for the special issue and select ‘Topics in Q-Series from the dropdown box.

Editorial information