Health Systems Health Informatics, Quality and Safety, and Simulation: A Triad to Advance Healthcare Operations

Health Systems

Health Informatics, Healthcare Quality and Safety, and Healthcare Simulation are each independent and well-respected domains that contribute to healthcare organization operations and health outcomes. While each can stand alone, there is a growing body of literature to suggest that any two, informatics and quality and safety, quality and safety and simulation, informatics and simulation, when combined could contribute more than when in isolation. However, practitioners are just now starting to consider the value and power of informatics, quality and safety, and simulation, as a tightly knit triad, as a means to advance health outcomes, improve quality metrics, and decrease errors.

This special issue proposal aims to solicit papers on a range of topics related to the triad of Health Informatics, Quality and Safety, and Simulation, from academic and industry relative to operations research in the healthcare domain. The intended audience for this special issue is anyone in the health sector who interfaces with quality and safety.  We expect papers to be at the operational level appealing to executives as well as implementers. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Emerging models for applications and operations research in the use of health informatics to advance simulation for better health outcomes and quality reporting
  • Demonstrations of practitioner use of simulation and health informatics to improve health service operations, quality, and safety
  • Using simulation to evaluate health informatics solutions to quality and safety problems
  • Social networking approaches to impacting quality and safety by integrating information and simulation in the social realm
  • Uses of health informatics in simulation to monitor and prevent quality and safety events
  • Simulation models and technology requirements and design at the intersection of simulation and quality and safety
  • Using health informatics to partner with healthcare quality and safety for optimal implementation of new processes
  • Interoperability requirements for using health informatics in a simulation environment to enhance quality and safety

Submission instructions

Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the “Instruction for Authors” found at Papers presented at INFORMS International are strongly encouraged for submission. All papers, including those presented at the INFORMS International, will be peer-reviewed on an expedited reviewing process by experts in Health Informatics, Healthcare Quality and Safety, and Simulation.

Important Dates:

  • Paper submission due: August 31, 2018
  • First notification: September 30, 2018
  • Revisions due: October 31, 2108
  • Final decision: November 15, 2108
  • Expected publication date: December 15, 2018

Editorial information

  • Managing Guest Editor: Sue Feldman, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (
  • Guest Editor: Victoria Brazil, Bond University, Gulf Coast Health, Australia (
  • Guest Editor: Leslie Wynn Hayes, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (
  • Guest Editor: Bunyamin Ozaydin, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (
  • Guest Editor: Benjamin L. Schooley, University of South Carolina, USA (
  • Guest Editor: Marjorie Lee White, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (
  • Guest Editor: Ferhat Devrim Zengal, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (