Structural Engineering International Extending the Life Time of Old Steel and Composite Bridges

Structural Engineering International

The November 2019 issue of Structural Engineering International (SEI) will present a special series of scientific and technical papers on ‘Extending the Design Life of Structurally Deficient Steel and Composite Bridges’.

Aging bridge infrastructure, escalating traffic demand related to both load intensity and load frequency, and increasingly aggressive environmental conditions mean that there is an urgent need for appropriate and innovative solutions for the rehabilitation and strengthening of existing deficient bridges. Here, “deficient bridges” are defined in a broad sense through either unsatisfactory bridge performance under current load demands or bridges that have experienced structural damages.

Without such strengthening solutions, all developed in an ad-hoc basis of the bridge real structural condition and environment, major cost-ineffective repair works or entirely new construction would be needed.

In response to the need highlighted above, the past few years have seen engineers and researchers working to develop several steel and composite bridge strengthening schemes.

This Special Issue of SEI for November 2019 aims to compile and present a series of high quality articles on methods for extending the design life of existing steel and composite bridges with emphasis on retrofit and strengthening alternatives, both proven and under research/development. We look forward to reading and sharing innovative thoughts allowing our existing steel and composite bridges to respond to the increasing traffic demands of today and aggressive environmental conditions!

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