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Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce

I am delighted to inform you of a new and game-changing publishing initiative for bringing the best actionable insights on cybersecurity and related issues to readers. A team of highly accomplished business leaders and outstanding scholars has been assembled to review and provide feedback on submissions. The process  will be very focused and efficient, and geared toward disseminating quality insights that will have positive impacts on our organizations and society. Accepted manuscripts will be made available to readers as soon as possible, being published in the JOCEC Cybersecurity Matters series.

Content Coverage

The following questions are representative of the desired scope of coverage by papers in the series:

  • What are the key elements of a comprehensive and robust approach to defending against various forms of cyber attacks on public and private sector organizations and infrastructure?
  • What are the key current and emerging technologies or techniques that we can leverage to effectively identify and respond to attacks? 
  • What methods or approaches can organizations introduce to provide better intelligence about attacks against their networks and systems (thinking internal threat intelligence and honeypots)?
  • What role should senior leadership play in ensuring effective and mature cybersecurity governance practices?
  • What does it take to get senior leadership actively committed and engaged in securing sensitive data and systems?
  • How and why does preparation for protecting against cyber attacks differ across industries and organization types?
  • How and why are some organizations better than others in effectively executing cybersecurity plans?
  • What insights from prior research can guide managerial actions to secure the enterprise and its value chain partners?
  • What are some key challenges and hurdles during the varied phases of the information security planning and implementation process? What are some effective coping strategies?
  • Should investments in cybersecurity receive strategic priority and significance? Why or why not?

Review Process

  • Upon submission, the manuscript will go through an initial round of screening to assess suitability and fit.
  • Papers that make the first cut will go through a second round of review to assess quality of contribution and rigor of work.
  • Papers passing the two rounds will be suitably edited for publication.
  • The review process will not be dragged on and on. Suggestions for changes and improvements will be made only for those manuscripts with high potential and probability of addressing needed changes in a short time period.
  • The target cycle time from submission to publication is approximately 3 months.

Submission Guidelines

  • Authors need to make a clear case that the paper’s content is relevant to the real-world of cybersecurity practice, and that it contributes to better understanding that world.
  • Additionally, a paper should speak to academic researchers by identifying cybersecurity problems & issues, offering resolutions to them, stimulating & provoking insights, or pointing out new directions for cybersecurity research.
  • Authors are expected to communicate their findings in a compelling and succinct manner.  The paper must flow and read well.
  • While no page restrictions are imposed, typical length should range between 2500 and 5000 words.
  • Research methodology details should be provided in a separate document.
  • All types of research are welcome as long as the focus is on providing substantive insights to positively influence thinking and action pertaining to cybersecurity.
  • Email your MSWord submissions to: Professor Dave Chatterjee (, JOCEC Senior Editor. Please include a statement affirming that the content is original and has not been published elsewhere.

For full details on the Editorial board please click here

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